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Even before there was Nature Prescribed, I was pursuing a natural way to deal with blood clotting and highlighting the hazards of using prescription drugs for the job. The products I promote here at Nature Prescribed, namely Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, and Lumbrokinase are natural blood thinning enzymes. I came to understand their effectiveness, and subsequently established Nature Prescribed, through my own personal experience.

Back in the early part of 2008 I had a massive blood clot that consumed my entire left leg. The diagnosis was Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and I was told that after getting the blood clot surgically removed I would have to be on blood thinning drugs for life, particularly Coumadin (warfarin). Never an advocate of prescription drugs, I was determined to find a natural way to heal my body. After weighing the pros and cons I decided it was best to help myself through nutrition rather than pumping drugs into my body, that too for the rest of my life. It was the best decision of my life, a decision that I have since wanted other people to make as well. This led to the creation of Nature Prescribed.

It wasn’t just the pull factor of the natural enzyme products that led me to use and now sell them, but the push factor of prescription drugs as well. Drug business makes a lot of dollars, but it doesn't make a lot of sense. Every year over 100,000 Americans die from using prescription drugs. We’re just talking about the deaths from the side effects of the drugs, not from overdose or erroneous prescriptions. “There’s something for everyone” from the pharma companies. Just take a pill – for everything from headaches in adults to hyper-activeness in children. This lifestyle, fueled by distorted information about prescription drugs, is just plain destructive.

The problem isn’t about a certain pharmaceutical company; it’s with all prescription drugs manufacturers and the culture of ‘lifestyle drugs’ they are promoting. Why shouldn’t they, it’s a $250 billion industry. But why shouldn’t you, go for these drugs?  Because this pill popping is killing people across the country at a rate of 1 per 5 minutes. Don’t be a statistic, not in this kind of statistics.

Nature Prescribed offers the perfect alternative to these troublesome drugs. Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, and Lumbrokinase help your body heal itself from within, without any of the harmful side effects of prescription drugs.Nature Prescribed is driven not by mere clinical facts, but personal experience. I established Nature Prescribed as a direct result of personally benefiting from the products promoted through this website. What you can buy here is the natural solution, both literally and figuratively, for continued health.

You can find the perfect use for these natural enzyme based products, whether you are a retailer, a health specialist, someone looking to recover from an ailment (like I did with DVT), or any combination of these 3 personalities. In any case, I would love for your ‘story’ to be enhanced by the one you read here.

Feel free to contact us at 855-572-8661 to learn more about our products and place an order.



Sean Libbert, Nature Prescribed™ Founder