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Side Effects of Lumbrokinase

Side Effects of Lumbrokinase:
An enzyme derived from earthworms, Lumbrokinase is an old member of the range of herbal medicine and can claim its heritage from Ancient China. Although relatively new for other parts of the world, this enzyme has been utilized in China and Japan for many years for the treatment of diabetes, atrial fibrillation, malignant tumor, Lyme’s disease and many other medical ailments.

Despite the fact that most data regarding herbal medicine has been unsatisfactory, the effects of Lumbrokinase have been noticeable and favorable for many patients. It has aided in the development and support of healthy circulation in the human body and can dissolve blood clots without putting the patient in any danger to hemorrhaging.

Hailed as a miracle enzyme, the side effects of Lumbrokinase are not as numerous or severe as shown to be in other herbal medicines. When put to the test, a large number of patients only suffered mild side effects to Lumbrokinase as compared to the side effects that are experienced at the consumption of other herbal and pharmaceutical medicine.

With such safe usage, the promises in treatment by Lumbrokinase far outweigh any dangers faced by the side effects. However, the following are the side effects of Lumbrokinase that can affect a patient:

Itchy Skin
With such minor side effects, the drug is considered safe for usage in all conditions. Although often compared to Nattokinase, it should be noted that the side effects of Lumbrokinase vary greatly from the side effects of Nattokinase. On the other hand, due to the fact Lumbrokinase is derived from earthworms, the drug can pose to be a problem for people who prove to be allergic to earthworms or corn.

Although Lumbrokinase cannot be consumed on its own for treatment purposes, it is a great complimentary supplement for other medication and can be taken with other medicines. However, despite the fact that Lumbrokinase will not give any severe side effects, it can cause anti-coagulant drugs to not perform their function properly if taken in conjunction with them. If you wish to start on Lumbrokinase but face such problems then consult your doctor before choosing to opt for this mode of medication.

As with all herbal medicines, the side effects and beneficial effects remain vague and uncertain. Nevertheless, the side effects of Lumbrokinase have been much milder in comparison with other medicines and its benefits have shown a marked improvement in patients. Lumbrokinase is even used to aid pregnant women who are suffering from preeclampsia so the drug is safe for consumption during pregnancies.

On the other hand, it pays to be vigilant and any adverse effects should be reported immediately to your doctor who can then advise you on how to proceed further based on your symptoms. Often times, the side effects of Lumbrokinase while mild in others can take on a severe effect particularly if the patient is suffering from an allergic reaction. Consulting a doctor as soon as possible can aid in minimizing the adverse effects of the medicine and help the doctor to devise an alternate medication plan.
February 13, 2013 by Nature Prescribed

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