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Dangers of Using Serrapeptase Enzyme without Consultation

There are several enzymes produced naturally that can be used for the treatment of several human diseases quite effectively. Sometimes these enzymes are produced by our body naturally which help in fighting external agents that can prove to be harmful for our body. In other cases, there are several enzymes that are derived from external food and other sources in order to protect our body from any harm that can be caused by bacteria, viruses or fungus.

One of these enzymes that are used by medical practitioners is Serrapeptase which is derived from silkworms. Also known by the name of serratio peptidase, this enzyme is found in the intestine of silkworms and have very strong reactive agents that fight against harmful chemicals. Sometimes, this enzyme is also derived from adult moths that use this enzyme to break their cocoon.

For many years, the medicinal properties of Serrapeptase have been a topic of many researches. Scientists have tried to produce Serrapeptase on a commercial level using the natural process of fermentation. This enzyme is then separated and treated for the purpose of medicinal use.  Serrapeptase is usually known for its anti-inflammatory qualities and for being an effective analgesic. While the enzyme was first primarily used in Japan, the positive results of the researches have now made its use quite common all over the world.

While it has been found that Serrapeptase is an extremely effective enzyme, there are also some side effects that are related with the enzyme. For those who are planning to use Serrapeptase supplements, it is very important that they understand these side effects before they go ahead with it. While for some people these side effects can be mild, for some they can be very extreme and dangerous as well. Here is a list of some key side-effects that you can face if you start using Serrapeptase.

The most common of the side effects that is experienced by many people in the use of Serrapeptase are allergic skin reactions. Swelling, rashes, irritation and itching are some of the common problems that are faced by people in the initial use of Serrapeptase. Often these symptoms are considered to be a sign of dermatitis. Some individuals may also suffer from pneumonitis since the enzyme can be allergic for some.

In case of these individuals, the body refuses to accept the enzyme which results in the inflammation of the lungs as well as other minor diseases. Some people also suffer body aches and pain after the initial use of Serrapeptase or in case of an overdose. Sometimes, though very rarely, complaints such as liver dysfunction are also reported by those who take an overdose.

In order to avoid all these side effect from happening, it is very important that you use Serrapeptase very carefully. The right dosage amount is very important and can keep you away from most of these side effects. Moreover, it is also advisable to consult a doctor regarding their use, even though they are available in the form of supplements rather than prescription medicine. By using Serrapeptase carefully, you can ensure that you only reap its benefits while staying clear of the side effects.
April 13, 2013 by Nature Prescribed

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